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06:49 am: I am sad. I am so very very sad
One of my favorite people has been staying at my house with my husband and me for the past three weeks.

I had to drive her to the train station to go back to Columbus this morning - she had to be there before 6am.
I am sad to see her leave.

Then, I get to work.
Yesterday, I was due to receive a report from a vendor that had been out of the office for two weeks for the holiday. I asked that they deliver the report as promptly as possible, because my Client was chomping for it. They, at 9am, promised I'd have it shortly. When I hadn't received it by 5pm, I sent an email saying I was disappointed that it had not been delivered.
This is after a history of me asking for reports, them promising them, not delivering, me having to call over and beg for them - then finally us having a meeting where they PROMISED they'd deliver reports regularly and them committing to a schedule.

They emailed my boss, calling me abusive for that email. "She was promised something today and -- it's still today, right?" This at almost one hour after close of business.

I'm starting to wonder why I don't just file bankruptcy and go work at a fast food joint. 

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