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01:47 pm: Just one more thing to add to a porn star resume?
 Remember me bitching several months back about the person who brings their dog to my work and has not trained said dog to not bark when left alone - said dog is a little yipyip mutt and whenever he starts barking someone comes to pet him so he's never going to learn to STFU?

Well, there still has been no training for this little mongrel.

And now, he's old enough that he's in heat. How do I know? He rolled onto his back in the middle of our meeting, and it was EXTREMELY apparent.

And then... 

Oh, and then...

He circled the legs of one of my coworkers, sniffing her. Then came over to me, sniffed me, and promptly lifted his leg to pee on me.

I pulled back, yelling, "Oh HELL no!" But I wasn't fast enough to avoid getting dog urine on my shoe. I washed it off in the bathroom, but I felt really gross - like maybe there was urine on my jeans, too, but I couldn't see it because jeans are dark and absorbent.

So... I went home and as soon as I got in the door, I pulled my shoes and my pants off, and immediately threw them into the washing machine.

The thing that pisses me off? The owner didn't even apologize for his dog's behavior. He didn't act like it was even anything out of the norm. My CEO apologized to me, but the owner of the dog did not.

What does that tell you?

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